Publications are also listed on my ORCiD profile and Google ScholarEmail me if you're unable to access any of the publications listed below.


Journal articles (peer-reviewed)

• 'Collegial Governance in Postwar Australian Universities', History of Education Review (2020), doi:10.1108/HER-12-2019-0050

• 'The British Women’s Suffrage Movement and the Ancient Constitution, 1867–1909', Historical Research 91, no. 253 (2018): 505–527, doi:10.1111/1468-2281.12234.

• 'The Right to Read: The Book Censorship Abolition League, 1934–37', Labour History 107 (2014): 75–93, doi:10.5263/labourhistory.107.0075.


Book reviews

• Review of Historicizing Humans: Deep Time, Evolution, and Race in Nineteenth-Century British Sciences, ed. Efram Sera-Shriar, English Historical Review 134, no. 569 (2019): 1033–1035, doi:10.1093/ehr/cez178.

• Review of Historicism and the Human Sciences in Victorian Britain, ed. Mark Bevir, European Review of History 25, no. 6 (2018): 1087–1089, doi:10.1080/13507486.2018.1434050.

• Review of W. Macmahon Ball: Politics for the People, by Ai Kobayashi, Melbourne Historical Journal 41 (2013): 130–132, available online.


Online articles

• 'The Institutions of the Humanities in Australia', History of Knowledge@Lund, 26 September 2019, available online.

• 'A Conversation about Casualisation, Part Two', Australian Historical Association Early Career Researchers, 29 April 2019, available online.

• 'Colonising the Verse: Genre, Imperialism and Frontier Violence in Firefly and Serenity', Exeter Imperial & Global Forum, 12 June 2018, available online.

• 'Reflections on the Radical Histories/Histories of Radicalism Conference', History Workshop Online, 3 August 2016, available online.

• ‘The View from the Margins: John Pocock and the Antipodean Origins of Four Nations History’, Four Nations History Network, 28 September 2015, available online.